I feel like Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon understands me so well.

"Hey look! I dangerous creature that can kill me by simply breathing! …………………………………Looks like I found my new best friend."

Pft. The grocery store thinks they can get me to buy yogurt just because it reminds me of my otp? ……………………………………………Well they’re right. Give me 12 boxes.

Pft. The grocery store thinks they can get me to buy yogurt just because it reminds me of my otp? ……………………………………………Well they’re right. Give me 12 boxes.

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After a few minutes and a sentry to make sure that the officials were in fact gone, the entire guild let out a sigh of relief. Macao reversed the magic on Jellal and the blue-haired man slumped to the ground, Ultear and Meredy releasing their own spells and walked over to their fearless leader. Erza sank down to her knees beside her friend and pat his back sympathetically. He sat up slowly, breath still shaking from his latest encounter with his possible death. He slowly stood up, extending a hand to Erza and bringing her to her feet as well. Jellal’s face slowly stiffened as he mentally made a decision.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered to Erza, raising her hand, which was still clasping his, and brushing it with his lips.

“We have to go.” He announced.

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Manuel Neuer, the man who protects his goal like his first-born child.


Jellal Fernandes by VVPHAM











Is it possible to be a fan of a fandom?

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I love this so much

I’m not even in this fandom

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And the award for best cosplay ever goes to


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Jen will always be my cannon sokka

Who’s ready for the Manuel Neuer vs. France match? I am. I am ready.


87. Sometimes, a group of muggleborn students will start to play “The Floor is Lava: Advanced” (the advanced part being magical effects) and somehow get half the Muggleborn population to play while the Purebloods stare on, wondering if they’ve all gone mad because the floor is clearly not lava

Mission Accomplished Part 3

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All three of them laughed at the thought of Erza and Jellal as parents.

“So what do we do now?” Meredy asked as their laughter died down.

“I have a suggestion.” Mira said brightly. The other two turned and looked at her expectantly. “We could start one of Fairy Tail’s famous betting pools…” She smiled.

“And just what would this pool be over?” Ultear asked mischievously.

“I was thinking forks.”

“What do you think, Ul? Want to start a betting pool over when Jellal and Erza are going to get forks?” Meredy asked excitedly.

“Getting forks, how many forks, what color forks, the works,” her friend nodded, smirking. “We should be safe so long as those two never find out.” Ultear chuckled.

“All righty then,” Mira smiled, pulling out a pad of paper and pen from behind the bar. “How many forks should I put you down for?”



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Ultear & Meredy: Caring Friends